The Forest Awakens

Young Colby Chemil is used to being different. When the headmaster of his school, the only adult he trusts, disappears without warning, a new headmaster steps in with brutal new tactics that force Colby to flee into a forest that guides him to answers about his past.

 On the Subject of Death

Erich Jarvis has never be part of a complicated life. A University of Texas student with a perfect GPA, things have always been pretty easy. But when he has a vision of a man being brutally murdered, he is drawn to an actual crime scene where he must take the soul of the victim. In one frightening moment, everything changes.

The Blade Passed

The Draknor Kingdom has been betrayed, the high king slain in his sleep, his enchanted blade stolen. Now young Kaiyren Narrium must step into her role as High Queen. As if that was not enough, the kingdom must prepare for war against the barbarian tribes of the south, who slaughtered her father. It is time for the Draknor to step up once again to their roles as guardians.

Tuesday Night Stories Poster
Tuesday Night Stories
Tuesday Night Stories was a weekly podcast of stories I wrote. Another programmer on DraknorMUD, David Carroll, did all the narration for the stories. We hosted it ourselves, and added it to numerous podcast sites such as ITunes. We had to end the run after two seasons due to time constraints. In all, TNS consisted of nine short stories, spread out over fifty four episodes.
Tuesday Night Stories Poster
When Trouble Follows Home
When Trouble Follows Home Lady Irin Allay, recently retired captain of the queen's guard, looks to return home to live out her life peacefully with her family. Someone has other plans. Irin finds her old village empty, and if she is to find out what happened to her family, she must find clues as to where they have gone.
Squarely in the Middle
Squarely in the Middle A young marble ends up trapped in a world of squares. By decree of the resident wizard, the courageous marble must undergo a series of challenges before having the chance to return home.