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HTML CSS Javascript Logos C Languages C plug plus Languages C-Sharp Language PHP Language MySQL Lanaguage
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Ms Visual Studio Adobe Software Suite Ubuntu Git Atom Bootstrap Materialize Angular Wordpress CakePHP

Draknor Designs

I started the company in 2005 as a part time business while working through college. With a focus on database-driven PHP applications and CMS, I worked closely with all aspects of web development from sales to release. Even after closing up shop in 2010, I continued to work on personal projects.

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Writer Roll Call

Writer Roll Call

Originally built from scratch in PHP4

Features a project tracker, wordcount reader, custom-built forum, user and administration systems

Displays wordcounts back to the websites in live time

Charts to track progress

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The Re-Design Goals

More structured around social media

More visuals: graphs, images, achievements, and cheers

Responsive design for simpler mobile interface

App-ready UX design

Writer Roll Call
Writer Roll Call

Photoshop Mockups

ASP.NET MVC Framework

SQL Backend

Reactions system to cheer on fellow writers

More in-depth project settings to track novel progress

More community presence through frequent avatar displays

Writer Roll Call Redesign
Draknor MUD


Bootstrap 3 Framework

PHP code to read from game files

Searches our help files, player files, and change posts to display to players

Draknor Games

Draknor Games

Bootstrap 3 Framework

Includes jumbotron, carousel gallery, cards, responsive images, and an accordion system